Shared Services & Outsourcing

Numerous organizations have as of now outsourced their IT and back-office works or set up shared administrations places for real business forms. They are presently outsourcing center exercises like exploration, item improvement and charge and lawful administrations, as globalization and availability empower better approaches for working together. The method of reasoning for outsourcing is along these lines evolving drastically; a developing number of associations consider it to be a method for getting key favorable circumstances, not pretty much as a cost-cutting measure.

The scale and many-sided quality of outsourcing is additionally expanding. The most punctual outsourcing contracts were long haul, balanced game plans. Today, with more prominent availability, the pattern is towards multi-sourcing — where a lead supplier capacities as a temporary worker and organizes different suppliers or where a gathering of suppliers teams up to give an accumulation of administrations.

How Aj can offer assistance

The outsourcing lifecycle comprises of six stages, each with its own particular arrangement of difficulties. We concentrate on the 10,000 foot view, and take a gander at the full term of the arrangement and also the issues emerging in every stage. We can help you:

  • Recognize which exercises to outsource 
  • Arrange the right terms 
  • Draft watertight contracts covering the sharing of licensed innovation, execution criteria and punishments for non-execution 
  • Roll out significant improvements and correspond with representatives about adjustments in their workplace 
  • Oversee political, administrative and operational dangers 
  • Survey and oversee existing contracts; and Resolve Disputes

Our Clients

Because we focus on client results, we emphasize long-term relationships and integrity with our clients. This perspective has resulted in repeated engagements and client referrals.

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