Audit & Assurance

We approach the review as an administration for the advantage of partners. We request review greatness and set extreme approaches to accomplish it. We employ capable individuals and put intensely in preparing and instruments, including frameworks for accomplishing consistency, objectivity and responsibility in strict consistence with expert measures. We additionally depend on experience. Our senior individuals are widely included in the review process and effectively speak with your organization’s administration. At Aj Alliance, we meet with customers routinely. Our examiners concentrate on average sized organizations and serve them well.

Our Audit Approach

We offer a customized review approach with a solid accentuation on right on time arranging and knowing how your business capacities. This empowers us to distinguish key review parts and tailor our methods to the remarkable parts of your business. The advantage to you is a viable, cost productive, free review, performed in an auspicious way by experienced experts. Our methodology includes:

 Risk evaluation

We evaluate the danger that mistakes or misrepresentation might bring about a material error of the budgetary articulations. We next choose whether the distinguished dangers of material error identify with particular applicable declarations identified with huge record equalizations, classes of exchanges, or revelations, or whether they identify with the budgetary articulations taken all in all and possibly influence numerous significant attestations. We then figure out which of the distinguished dangers of material error are huge dangers that require extraordinary review thought. Our danger appraisal process at the record adjust or class-of-exchanges level comprises of:

> An evaluation of characteristic hazard (the vulnerability of an attestation identifying with a record adjust or class of exchanges to a material error, accepting there are no related controls); and

> An assessment of the outline viability of inward control over budgetary reporting and our appraisal of control hazard (the danger that a material error could happen in a statement and not be counteracted or recognized on a convenient premise by the organization’s interior control).


We speak nearly and frequently with your review council, CFO, controller and bookkeeping staff amid the review process. From preparatory review arranging and work, through conveyance of reports and correspondence of inward control related materials, we endeavor to keep you educated.

 Audit apparatuses

We’ve created custom-made inward control survey systems and structures to use on our reviews. We’ve likewise created industry-particular review programs that are custom-made by your engagement group to deliver basic dangers particular to your organization. We utilize field review programming projects to improve the normal parts of review work.

Financial and Compliance Audit

The firm gives review administrations of the most astounding gauges, following global examining guidelines and keeping up strict quality control methodology. The firm utilizes progressed modernized strategies, created by the worldwide system on a Microsoft stage. These techniques are intended to enhance the effectiveness of the work schedule, with negligible unsettling influence of the organization’s progressing operations, accomplishing huge increased the value of the customer over the span of the review.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

The firm has much ability in the review and help with the planning of monetary articulations as per both Israeli and universal sound accounting guidelines.

Internal Control

The prominent business outrages and disappointments we have seen as of late are urging privately owned businesses to put a recharged accentuation on their inner controls.

Internal Audit

Dealing with an organization is a troublesome undertaking. Beside running the organization, it additionally includes growing new thoughts that can enhance inward procedures, make operations more proficient, and expansion the effectivity and efficiency of representatives. Nonetheless, so as to discover ways and means for your organization to develop, you should first decide the territories of your organization that should be enhanced. This involves running an inner review. Dubai organizations can profit by an inner review, as it aides in recognizing and avoiding instances of extortion; testing regardless of whether inside control frameworks are working; and checking the level of consistence with organization strategy and government regulation.


Today more than one hundred nations have embraced International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) either as initially issued by the International Accounting Standards Board or as supported by a specific locale. What’s more, SEC rulemaking recommends that inside of the following quite a long while the U.S. capital markets will probably have made the move to IFRS.

Regulatory Compliance

This line of administration offers our customers the examination of administrative consistence and in addition help with the usage of different regulation requests. Administrations advertised:

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

We give Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) consistence administrations to organizations on a worldwide premise. Center administration regions incorporate control examination, process stories, hazard and control evaluation, testing, remediation, and SOX approaches and methodology.

Dispute Resolutions

As the pace of business heightens and globalization develops, the likelihood of question and different troubles emerge all the more regularly. What’s more, when guidelines are broken-inadvertently or something else – associations are presented to dangers and issues that they are frequently not used to managing, from extortion and misuse to mistakes and contrasts in comprehension. Whether these difficulties include managing crosswise over outskirts with clients, joint endeavor accomplices, and remote governments, or whether they are confined to your own particular nation, they might include distinctive business societies and lawful frameworks, and in addition new administrative and responsibility necessities. Each association is powerless. The danger is genuine and troubling.

Anti - Fraud Review/ Forensic Accounting

In case you’re worried about budgetary disparities and money related extortion, you require more than a bookkeeper. You require a guaranteed criminological bookkeeper (CrFA) who has some expertise in legal bookkeeping. In the event that you need to know why your numbers don’t match, approach Aj Alliance for a top to bottom money related examination.

Recovery Audit

Whether your organization is a little wander, a moderate sized business, or a fruitful combination, you need to ensure that every one of your assets are adequately used to encourage your corporate destinations and objectives, whether short-term, mid-term, or long haul. You need your operations to be as incline as could reasonably be expected, streamlined to be orderly and productive in performing every one of its capacities. You need to abstain from squandering assets, as this will significantly affect your organization’s accounts over the long haul.

Our Clients

Because we focus on client results, we emphasize long-term relationships and integrity with our clients. This perspective has resulted in repeated engagements and client referrals.

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